Welcome to the Elliott Drawings Website

Thomas Elliott is a well established artist, whose drawings embrace an extraordinarily diverse range of subjects. Buildings, fair ground attractions, furniture, clocks, jewellery, pottery and pictures of pictures are all represented in the Gallery.

What we sell

  1. We sell signed, (thumbprint) limited edition prints (on high quality fine art paper) either from the gallery or privately commissioned. The National Trust Collection prints are only available at the specific Trust property.

  2. A1 prints are £125.00 each; A2 prints are £75.00 each; A3 prints are £45.00 each and to special order, A0 prints are available for £250.00 each.

  3. We sell one signed photograph entitled Poorly Dennis the Dodgem in the sizes and for the prices detailed above.

  4. We can sell framed prints subject to a separate agreement.

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